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Metamark is a pioneer in science with a mission to provide breakthrough diagnostic and prognostic solutions for urological cancer care. 


No matter which test(s) you receive from our growing portfolio of advanced products and services, rest assured they are backed by our superior clinical expertise and the highest level of customer support.


ProMark is an advanced prognostic test developed specifically for prostate cancer. Following a prostate biopsy, ProMark uses automated image recognition technology to predict your risk of having an aggressive prostate cancer. You and your doctor can use your ProMark results to make a more informed and confident decision about your individual path of treatment. 


Progensa® PCA3

Progensa PCA3 is a very sensitive, gene-based urine test providing additional, valuable information to you and your doctor to help you decide if a repeat prostate biopsy is necessary.



Our cytology diagnostic services provide superior specificity in the diagnosis of bladder cancer. Metamark pathologists thoroughly examine your urine sample to evaluate for cancer cells or other abnormalities.


Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is a diagnostic tool that may help confirm your cytology results, monitor bladder cancer recurrence, and measure treatment response. FISH can identify genetic changes at the chromosomal level, before cancer is visible.


Our histology diagnostic services include expert prostate and bladder biopsy analysis as well as supporting services and examinations.


PTEN/ERG molecular testing predicts the aggressiveness of your prostate cancer after your prostate biopsy analysis. Depending on your biopsy results, PTEN/ERG may be the right choice to provide additional information helping you and your doctor to learn more about your specific prostate cancer and determine the best path of treatment.

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