ProMark: a first-of-its-kind protein based prognostic test for prostate cancer

Predict cancer aggressiveness* in patients with biopsy Gleason Scores of 3+3 and 3+4.

  • Provides a personalized prediction that the cancer can be managed without aggressive treatment, or an indication that aggressive therapy may be appropriate
  • Powerful, independent risk predictor for prostate cancer
  • Objective and fully reproducible
  • Predictive of disease aggressiveness throughout the prostate, reducing sampling error
  • Outperforms and requires substantially less tissue than conventional gene-expression-based prostate cancer prognostic tests
  • Cutting edge, automated image recognition technology provides objective identification of tumor cells and quantitative measurement of predictive protein biomarker expression levels
  • Generates an individual risk score delivered within an intuitive report allowing for productive discussion with your patient
  • Specific: Developed exclusively for use on prostate biopsy tissue
  • Unique, 8-protein signature
  • Strong clinical validation
  • Included in the NCCN Clinical Care Guidelines

*Adverse prostate pathology: Gleason > or = 4+3 and/or non-organ-confined disease (T3a, T3b, N1, or M1)




             About ProMark
             How it Works
             An 8-Protein Signature
             Clinical Validation
             Image Recognition Technology
             The ProMark Report
             ProMark Billing
             Sample Preparation

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             Useful Resources
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