PCA3: Strong Clinical Validation

Progensa PCA3: Confirm negative biopsies with CONFIDENCE

  • Accurately classify a “true negative” patient with a high negative predictive value of 90%.1
  • Men with a PCA3 Score of <25 are 4.58 times less likely to have a positive result on repeat biopsy than men with a score of 25 or greater.1
  • Large, independent NCI study confirms 90% NPV for men with low PCA3 score 
  1. Gittleman, Marc C, et al. PCA3 Molecular Urine Test as a Predictor of Repeat Prostate Biopsy Outcome in Men with Previous Negative Biopsies: A Prospective Multicenter Clinical Study. The Journal of Urology, Vol. 190, (2013): 64-69.
  2. Wei, et al. Can Urinary PCA3 Supplement PSA in the Early Detection of Prostate Cancer? Journal of Clinical Oncology. 11/2014; 32(36). 

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The Progensa® PCA3 assay is provided to Metamark by Hologic.

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