Making our mark on cancer care

Metamark is leading a shift in urological cancer care to enable patients and their physicians to make more informed treatment decisions that lead to better quality of life and lower cost of care.

More informed treatment decisions
improved patient outcomes

Addressing the complete diagnostic and therapeutic journey of a prostate cancer patient, Metamark offers deep urology expertise with unrivaled urology solutions through a complementary mix of traditional and world-class proprietary products, and best-in-class science published in top-tier scientific journals.

Metamark: Past, Present, and Future 

Since its founding in 2007 by world leaders in cancer biology, molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine, Metamark has evolved into a trailblazer in clinical proteomics – the study of proteins and protein signatures within healthy and diseased cells. With the acquisition of HealthTronics Laboratory Solutions in 2013, a national provider of specialized anatomic and clinical uropathology testing services, Metamark became a leader in the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer, cancer of the bladder, and other urologic conditions.


With a strong year in 2014, Metamark:


Commercialized ProMark®, a         groundbreaking proprietary
prognostic test for prostate cancer

Launched Progensa PCA3®, a urine-based molecular test to
determine the need for initial/repeat biopsy

Launched ERG, a molecular test that further predicts the aggressiveness of prostate cancer

Leading the way

An industry pioneer

Always looking forward, Metamark believes that its advanced proteomics platform, together with its demonstrated expertise in biomarker identification, proteomics signature discovery, and clinical study design, will be applicable across multiple tumor types and other diseases where tissue is available.

Leadership expertise

Metamark’s executive leadership team has industry-leading experience in discovering, validating and commercializing novel diagnostic and prognostic tests. With guidance from its world-class scientific and clinical advisors, and the support of a board of directors with extensive experience in building transformational life sciences companies, Metamark is leading a shift in urological cancer care, to a world in which patients and their physicians make more informed treatment decisions based on the latest proteomic science.

The Metamark Advantage

Quantitative Multiplex Proteomics In Situ Imaging (QMPI)

Compared to other commercially available diagnostic and prognostic test platforms, Metamark's cutting-edge, proprietary quantitative multiplex in situ imaging (QMPI) technology has distinct advantages, including sensitivity and accuracy, ability to predict progression risk at very early-stage disease, ability to overcome challenges of tumor heterogeneity, and fully automated, digitalized tissue analyses independent of subjective interpretations.

Sensitivity and Accuracy

In contrast to standard gene-based tests where the tissue sample is ground up and levels of individual genes in diseased tissue are diluted with normal tissue values, Metamark measures protein biomarkers in the regions of the intact tissue where they are altered during disease. This enables detection of even very small changes in a biomarker, and requires much less tissue to run the test than what is routinely required for genetics-based tests.

Predicting Progression Risk at Early Disease Stage

Metamark can not only measure protein levels, but also protein activity states in intact tissues. In contrast to a majority of genetic alterations that usually occur in a fraction of patients with a particular disease and usually at later stages of disease, certain core proteins have deregulated activity at an early stage of disease and therefore are informative for virtually 100% of patients with a particular disease.

Addressing Tumor Heterogeneity

The ability to measure multiple proteins at the same time on intact tissue is crucial to relate the proteins to the same stage and grade of disease. If biomarkers are measured individually from different parts of the tumor, the biomarkers would represent different disease grades and it would not be possible to combine the biomarkers into a signature that accurately predicts progression risk.

Objective, Automated Analyses

The Metamark platform does not rely on subjective interpretation of which regions of the tissue sample should be used for the biomaker measurements. The measurements are made in molecularly defined "regions-of-interest", and therefore are fully reproducible and objective.

The Metamark Solution

Innovative Tools That Make a BIG Difference

Metamark's comprehensive proprietary approach gives physicians and patients information they need to make better informed decisions.

PSA Non-specificity

Metamark's molecular test information gives greater specificity than PSA testing alone.

Biopsy Sampling Problem

Metamark's molecular tests can be more sensitive, as they are less prone to "geographic sampling error".

Imprecise Monitoring and Prediction

Improved detection, specificity, and tumor behavior prediction is possible with Metamark's products, including ProMark and Progensa PCA3.

Poor Assessment of Tumor Aggressiveness

Through ProMark, Metamark provides a personalized, individualized risk of aggressive disease.

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